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Lifting Services

With specific expertise in sourcing and delivering specialist lifting equipment, you can rely on us to hire you the right machinery for your project needs.

Lifting machines are essential components of any construction site because they enable workers to perform labour-intensive tasks quickly, safely, and with precision.

Ask any site manager, and they will tell you that the right lifting equipment can make or break a project – but why spend thousands of pounds on purchasing these must-have items when you can rent them from Ezirent instead? We hire heavy lifting equipment for all manner of applications across the whole of the UK. From jacks and cylinders to hoists and winches, not to mention heavy duty handlers and counter-weighted lifts, we have access to all the plant you need to get your materials from A to B.

Your one stop shop for lifting equipment
Fast delivery to any site in the UK
Large nationwide supply network
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Expert advice from our experienced team
Competitive prices as standard
Lifting services from Ezirent include:
  • Winches, hoists and slings
  • Straps, ratchet straps and chains
  • Clamps
  • Cylinders
  • Jacks
  • Material handling equipment
  • Trolleys
  • Forklifts and attachments
  • Pallet trucks
  • Trailers
  • Packing equipment
  • Slab and block lifters
  • Mini cranes
  • Glazing vacuum suckers

Take a look at the different types of lifting machines for hire from Ezirent

The nature of construction work means that workers often rely on various types of lifting machines to handle heavy materials and equipment efficiently. These machines are crucial for lifting, moving, and placing loads in diverse construction tasks that simply wouldn’t be possible without mechanical intervention.

For example, tower cranes and mobile cranes are the workhorses of construction sites, capable of lifting and placing heavy loads at great heights. They are essential for tasks like setting steel beams, concrete blocks, and other building components.

Forklifts, on the other hand, are versatile machines used for lifting, transporting, and stacking palletised materials, machinery, and equipment. They come in various sizes and configurations to handle different loads and environments.

Also known as telehandlers, telescopic handlers combine features of forklifts and cranes. They offer extended reach and versatility, making them suitable for lifting and placing loads in high or challenging areas.

Material hoists are vertical lifting devices that transport materials and equipment to different levels of a building. They are indispensable for efficient material handling within multi-story construction projects.

Winches, often mounted on trucks or used as standalone machines, are used for pulling heavy loads horizontally or vertically. They are valuable for tasks such as moving equipment or materials over short distances.

Lifting machinery training courses

If you or your staff need additional instruction in operating various types of lifting equipment, we can help you find the right training provider anywhere in the UK. Many of our affiliates offer the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment (LOLER) Awareness Training course, which is essential for compliance purposes.

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