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Waste Services

From skip hire to specialist waste disposal solutions, Ezirent can assist with the clear-up in a variety of ways.

It’s important that your building site has adequate waste removal and disposal facilities for several reasons. Proper construction site waste removal ensures a safe and clean work environment, minimises the environmental impact of the build, and ensures all contractors comply with regulations. It also reduces health and safety risks, enhances efficiency, and supports sustainability efforts in the construction industry.

If you require something more unusual for your site, it’s always worth asking the team here at Ezirent. With decades of combined experience in sourcing effective waste removal facilities for our clients, there’s nothing we can’t find on your behalf.

All waste disposal services in one place
Fast delivery to any site in the UK
Large nationwide supply network
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The waste disposal services from Ezirent include:
  • Open skips
  • Enclosed skips
  • Wait and load skips
  • Muck away lorries
  • Grab lorries
  • Wait and load caged vans
  • Sweepers

Exploring our range of waste disposal hire solutions in more detail

There are plenty of waste facilities at your disposal, and it often makes practical and financial sense to hire them in rather than pay for them in their entirety. Different skip sizes and muck away lorries cater to specific project requirements, ensuring efficient waste management on construction sites. Each of these facilities can be used to manage the diverse types of waste generated during building projects.

Different types of skips are available, such as mini skips for smaller projects and larger roll-on-roll-off (RoRo) skips for substantial waste volumes. Skips are placed on-site for convenient waste collection and are suitable for various materials like concrete, wood, and general debris.

Ideal for larger sites, muck away lorries are specialised vehicles designed for transporting excavation spoil, earth, and other construction-related waste. They are equipped to handle heavy loads and can efficiently remove excavated material from the site, ensuring proper disposal or recycling.

Proper waste disposal through these facilities helps construction companies adhere to environmental regulations, minimise waste disposal costs, and contribute to their sustainability goals.

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